Friday, January 23, 2009

JFK Reloaded (PC)

This month, I managed by wit and Pluck and hopefully writing skills to win the reader review of the month in PC Gamer (UK)'s Uncensored section. My review goes as follows:

When the motorcade comes round that corner; I level off my aim, account for the corealis effect, measure the distance to the target in my head, and wait...

My goal is simple, my target is not so easy. It's easy deciding to make the world a better place, easy to let out a breath and gently squeeze the trigger of this old bolt action Italian rifle and oh, oh so easy to miss.

Timing is all important, a second to early and it's all going wrong, I need to zero, to get those critical hits on the man whose three initials are symbolic of so much. Too early, too late, too high or low, and there's a risk. His wife is so close, she isn't the target, the car is full of bobbling bodies all eager to soak up a cutting piece of lead. So i wait, and I breathe...

As I get ready I fire a shot, which goes wide. Like the car backfiring, as it goes off I begin to speak the letters and as I fire again two more times, once through his throat, once in his head I say out-loud the death sentence that can free the world from horrors and death.

L B J.

Oswald should have waited.

JFK reloaded - 85%

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